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For trainers, Microsoft offers the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) credential. MCTs are qualified instructionally and certified technically by Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Official Curriculum instructor-led courses at Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers and Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Program institutions.

1. The Microsoft Certified Professional Program

2.Benefits of M.C.P Certification

As organizations invest in new technologies such as the Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT™ operating systems, they are looking for technical professionals with the expertise to successfully build, implement, and support solutions. Microsoft is committed to helping customers by certifying experts who have the skills needed to design and develop or implement and support solutions with Microsoft products. These experts, called Microsoft Certified Professionals, have met Microsoft’s high standards for technical proficiency.

The Microsoft Certified Professional program was established because Microsoft’s customers and members of the Solution Provider1 community asked for carefully controlled quality standards in the industry. The program is designed for anyone who must gain and display technical expertise with Microsoft products, including systems engineers, professional developers, support technicians, system and network administrators, integrators, consultants, and trainers. To help ensure the highest level of technical expertise for our customers, Microsoft requires certification of Microsoft service and support personnel, as well as of Microsoft Solution Providers.

The Microsoft advantage

Microsoft’s customer satisfaction depends upon competent professionals building and implementing effective solutions on the Microsoft platform. So we are committed to developing specialists who can provide an exceptional level of service for Microsoft products and systems. Candidates who pass Microsoft Certified Professional exams have proven their expertise with a leader in the industry.

Microsoft Certified Professionals become a part of the worldwide Microsoft community, investing with Microsoft and other high-technology vendors to capitalize on the potential of the computer solutions market. They have a direct link to technical information from Microsoft, are key contacts for support, and receive invitations to technical and special events.

Because Microsoft technology is so diverse, we offer several types of certification to measure an individual’s specific ability to design and develop or implement and support solutions with Microsoft products. The tests cover real-world job functions—the ability to perform a role or task with the product—rather than require simple memorization of product features. As a result, Microsoft Certified Professionals are able to create software solutions that can limit "downtime" and result in reduced operational costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Microsoft also develops technical education courses that correspond with the Microsoft certification exam objectives. These courses, known as Microsoft Official Curriculum, can help candidates efficiently and effectively prepare for the Microsoft Certified Professional exams.

Individuals can train at Microsoft Solution Provider Authorized Technical Education Centers, taking Microsoft courses delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers. Microsoft also offers self-study courses (available in video, workbook, or computer-based training formats—all with hands-on labs) that give candidates the flexibility of learning on their own time and in their own location.

To become a Microsoft Certified Professional, candidates must pass rigorous certification exams that provide a valid and reliable measure of their technical proficiency and expertise. These closed-book exams have on-the-job relevance because they are developed with the input of professionals in the computer industry and reflect how Microsoft products are actually used in the workplace. The exams are conducted by an independent organization—Drake Prometric—at more than 700 Drake Authorized Testing Centers around the world.

If you're a student, computer technical professional or want to be one - here's the best way to show employers you have what it takes to meet the industry's demands: become a Microsoft Certified Professional. Microsoft offers one of the most comprehensive certification programs available for assessing and maintaining software-related skills.

What's in it for you to become a Microsoft Certified Professional?

  • The world will know instantly that you're an expert in Microsoft products. And Microsoft tells the world by promoting the expertise of MCPs.
  • You'll have the inside scoop on technical information -- direct from Microsoft.
  • You'll be connected to other MCPs through an exclusive Web site and publications.
  • You'll be invited to Microsoft conferences, training sessions and special events.

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